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Sunday, July 30, 2006

HD porn

So in case you haven't heard (I am sure you have) - I finished my own basement. Every stud, screw, outlet and light fixture. The crown jewel is the 80" HD projector. I *only* watch DVDs and HD - fuck standard definition.

Yesterday I watched some HD show called "Flight Dreams" or something. Well basically it was a beautiful set of IMAX caliber footage of planes flying over France. Lots of shots of cities and countryside. As much as the French suck it when it comes to politics and stopping Germany from taking them over, they do have a pretty country.

So the movie could have just been a documentary, "Here is such and such castle from the 15th century." Stuff like that. Instead of that they decided to wrap this all in a "plot". I swear some out of work porno writers had a hand in it. The script was awful. It was about some guy that had to do an airplane race - there was some love interest and some intrigue. It was dreadful. Just like a porno - no one was there for the plot. Just show me the "French Alps" (in an IMAX movie - or a porno) - not this contrived BS. Are we clear here, out of work porno writers? Enough.

Friday, July 07, 2006

$20 at Taco Bell

So the other day John and I were in line at Taco Bell and I had a thought. Could I eat $20 of Taco Bell in one sitting. That is the challenge - you have to spend *at least* $20 and you can buy whatever food you want (no drinks) and then eat it all. I say not possible. I know you are thinking you could bang out a couple of Mexican Pizzas - but you still wouldn't make it.

Any takers? I might even fund it - just to see someone try. Maybe I'd go halvies with you.