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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Stacey's Mom

So there is a new Dr. Pepper ad and it has the song "Stacey''s Mom" in the background. There is a total MILF marketing ploy (which I might add is a master-stroke - but the mom is actually not that hot). Anyway, Sarah's post got me thing about Dr. Pepper. I have a much better marketing scheme for the folks over at Dr. Pepper. "Drink Dr. Pepper - get laid!" Yep, that's the slogan and I could be the pitch man. You see, back in the 90's Scott was a virgin - but then one night all of that changed. And on that night my "lady friend" and I both drank Dr. Pepper (I shit you not - this is true). I think there was a direct cause and effect relationship - and I think without Dr. Pepper, I'd still be a virgin to this day. Now that is just what the Dr. ordered. Thanks Dr. P.


Blogger Sarah said...

Okay well apparently seeing your "lady friend" dressed up as an M&M has the same effect as Dr. Pepper. Have you ever considered the idea that maybe you are just a giant hor?

1:59 PM

Blogger Erik with a K said...

I vote for hor.

Thirsty hor.

5:16 PM

Blogger slcup said...

I prefer the term "connoisseur" to "hor" it's much nicer and much more fun to say.
urban princess

6:14 PM

Blogger danielle said...

wait, does mrs. god people piss me off know about this lady-friend?

11:04 PM

Blogger John said...

Pouring Dr. Pepper on your hand does not count as sharing a DP with a lady friend. Although you do have the arms of a lady so maybe it does count.

6:48 PM


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