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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Roe v Wade

So you're thinking - has this gone from a total insano rant to some politicized piece of crap?? No way. I will take no stance on Roe v Wade except that I hate it. Not the decision itself (I really have no idea what the case was even about). No I am pissed that it happened on a specific date. So now, EVERY year, on that date, I have to hear about it on the news. "...landmark Supreme Court Case... blah blah blah.... abortion protesters lined the mall in DC.... blah blah... still controversial to this day. Back to you Gene and Carol." Ugh!! Enough already - jesus, let it go.

Other "dates that piss me off"
April 15 --
EVERY FUCKING YEAR I have to have a live camera shot outside of some Post Office that is open until midnight for the tax deadline. "Chuck and Kathy we are here outside the Orange Ave., Post Office here in downtown. Let's talk to a few last minute filers." "Why so late this year?" (their answer) "Well I really didn't get around to it and I left it to the last minute." (translation) "I am a totally worthless piece of crap."

Tuesday Before Thanksgiving --
"Gina and Tim I am here at Cleveland Hopkins Airport and as you can see the lines are quite long." "Whare are you headed sir?" "I am going to Florida to see my parents." "Thanks. Gina and Tim as you know today is the busiest travel day of the year. Triple-A exstimates that 70% of Ameircas will travel 50 miles or more... back to you" (Then Gina adds something like - "well please drive carefully out there and take your time") Fuck you Gina.

Friday After Thanksgiving --
Black Friday. How is this news? It is the same shit EVERY year. I'll skip the stupid commentator quotes - you've all seen it.

December 24 --
Oh please kill me now. "Brian and Suzanne I am here at MarketPlace Mall, lets talk to a few people and see what's brought them here on the last shopping day before Christmas?" They go find the Tax Filing guy - he gives the same answer. This is somehow news.

The kicker
These are 2 dates that will live in infamy. Elvis's birthday and the day he died. God dammit - I wish it was the day I died. Twice a year - twice a fucking year, I have to see some goddamn candle light vigil infront of Graceland and have the bumper music in and out of the news be Elvis hits. And then they have to get a camera on some person crying at the loss of Elvis. Jesus Christ - get over it - he is dead. If you want someone to mourn and celebrate - mourn FDR or Churchill - without them Elvis's songs would be in German!!! I bet you don't know, or care, when their birth/death days are - but oh lets pay a fucking tribute to fucking Elvis.

God people piss me off


Blogger Sarah said...

Tool should write a song about this.

10:09 AM

Blogger Tigerlily said...

I am thinking that maybe you and I were seperated at birth. I read this every morning with my coffee to get my dose of daily angst.

10:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another thing that sucks is Valentines Day. Thank you, America, for reminding me that I'm single and the rest of the world isn't. My self-esteem appreciates this Day of Gloating.
urban princess sarah

12:10 PM


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