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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Infinite Supply

So I have this piece of paper on my desk that I use for jotting down things that piss me off. I thought I'd need it to save up for a "slow day". Here's the thing - lots of shit pisses me off and I really can't type as fast as I am being bombarded by stupid shit - that coupled with the fact that my job keeps getting in the way of posting means that some stuff will never make it off the list. Here is something that pissed me off this morning. I came into work at 6:00am (thanks Wayne), so I was up at 4:30am watching TV. There is a commercial from Phillip Morris talking about how they can help to prevent teen smoking. "Our 'We Card' signs and parent guides can help you talk with your teen about smoking." Um... what? Hey fucking Phillip Morris - if you want kids to stop smoking QUIT FUCKING MAKING CIGARETTES!!! Novel idea eh? See with no cigarettes the whole "talk it over with mom and dad" thing is sort of moot. Oh also thanks for the placement - most 13-17 year olds are up at 4:30am and watching "Your Finance" (or whatever the fuck I was watching). [Phillip Morris board room] "We have to make these ads, but we don't want to actually discourage anyone from smoking... Hey lets put them on when no one is awake except heroin addicts - they already have bigger problems."

Phillip Morris coming out "against" cigarettes is like Microsoft coming out "against" computer viruses. Hey Microsoft, if you stop wrting your total shit Operating System, Web Browser and Outlook code THERE WOULD BE NO VIRUSES. So, you see, instead of fighting viruses you could just close - that would achieve the goal because your swiss cheese, piece of shit, software would be gone. Same to Phillip Morris - just close.


Blogger Erik with a K said...

Your post makes me want to take up smoking.


And "New Kid On The Block"?? Listen here, I was blogging before it was the "COOL" thing all the "kids" "did", that's why it's called The New Original, and not The New Blog, or The New New Blog, or Bloggy McBlogger's Bloggity Blog, Or Blog: The Movie.

That being said, of course I bow down in inspiration to Shop Dungarees as the Dear Leader, and everyone knows I blog for Him.

8:49 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

Also these days I think you have to start talking to your kids about smoking when they are about 3 and a half or something. Kids smoke in the bathroom at preschool now.

9:12 AM

Blogger John said...

Jack asked me for a smoke the other day but luckily for you, I was out of 'em.

7:05 PM


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