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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

2 words

Fucking Awesome! - (I realize my schtick is to talk about how things piss me off - but this is so important I need to share it with the world). Some guy realized my childhood dream. This has to be an exact conversation from my youth, "Hey Roger, wouldn't be awesome if they made LEGO Star Wars stuff? Wait, you know what would be cooler? If they made a LEGO Star Wars video game - that would be boss [remember this was the 80's]" Well voila! It is made. LEGO Star Wars for XBox. This is the greatest fucking country on God's green earth. I want to kiss my fellow countrymen and celebrate this victory together!!! I thought long and hard (about 4 minutes) to come up with a top 5 American inventions (I had this thought before LEGO Star Wars - so it is not on the list)

1. Pizza (I know some people claim Italians or the Chinese invented this - well fuck them - their pizza sucks)
2. TOOL (greatest band ever)
3. Rice Krispie Treats (F you China and Italy - don't even mess! this is ours!)
4. 24 - I just can't get enough of that show
5. The remote control (I am sure Japan would love to lay claim to this one - well F you too - because I could just as easily add "Fat Man" and "Little Boy" to the list - so pipe the fuck down).


Blogger Erik with a K said...

The LEGO Star Wars just rock - I actually also saw that there was a video someone put out on the Internet, basically a LEGO SW movie. I'm still searching for it, hopefully i can find it and link here.

8:22 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

Please stop with all the LEGO/Star Wars/video game talk...I'm getting really turned on.

10:12 AM


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