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Friday, September 23, 2005

Start Walking

I read John's blog post (awesome) and then followed a link to Michael Moore's web site. He has an article that talks about people that "can't make it out of Houston". Each person is intentionally quoted in broken English (to be totally sure we get the fact that they are a minority). In one part the girl actually says, "We're from Mexico."

Okay Michael, ok Associated Press - if you have a fucking agenda just get to it. "We are interviewing a poor hispanic woman that George Bush wants to die - let's see what she has to say." God dammit. Okay, people "can't get out". I will say that for Katrina there were some people that couldn't get out (like the people that died in the Nursing Home). But that shit *just* happened. If you choices are to die riding out a Category 4 Hurricane - or suffer by walking, hobbling, rolling, crawling out of the city well... get to steppin'.

If your ancestors/brothers/cousins/you **walked** here from Mexico - clearly it is possible to cover some territory. Get moving. Oh, and Associated Press - if you have a fucking reporter talking to a fuckin person who can't fucking "get out" put them in your fucking van and get them the fuck out if you are so fucking concerned about it. [fuck count = 8]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:03 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

I think anonymous has a good point.

Seriously, though, Michael Snore is a master at twisting facts and spinning things to support his view. Not that no one in the government is, but he acts like he is a seeker of truth when really he's just a big fat liar seeking donuts.

Your last fucking paragraph was fucking amazing. (fuck count = 2)

9:22 AM

Blogger Scott said...

Sarah - I actually used sneaky math. My fuck count actually counts the fuck that is in the left side of the fuck count equation - so [fuck count = 4] (you short changed yourself)

9:52 AM

Blogger Johnny Virgil said...

If you weren't so much taller than me, I would kiss you on the mouth.

12:19 PM

Blogger Rob Seifert said...


Scott, you are really very fuckin funny. Thanks again for the laugh.


2:11 AM

Blogger John said...

next hurricane I'm walking from here to wherever it's supposed to hit just to prove that if you started walking the first time you heard about the hurricane you could have made it to where I am now which admittedly is still shitty but not as shitty as being hurricaned on. shit count=3

9:32 PM

Blogger heather said...

Make money - I've gotta' few friends who can show ya' how to make some dolla's! hehehe!

I can see that your love of the AP is.... well .... a love that can't be over zealously talk about or compared to! I loved the "get to steppin'" - Classic~

7:34 PM

Blogger Jacq said...

OMG, that was so fucking funny! Are you like starting a fucking trend or something? (Fuck count: 2) You say what most people are too pussified to say! Happy Blogging!

2:17 PM

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