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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

You know who's racist?

There is a lot of talk about rasicm playing a role in the response (or lack there of) of the US government to the hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. I personally think the US government could have done things better and that considering the forewarning they should have had some responders near-by. However, I don't believe racism played a role in the response time. I think the government was caught off guard and would have had the same beaurocracy (I don't care how it's spelled) issues if New Orleans was solely inhabited by the Hawaiian (again on the spelling) Tropic girls.

So the whole topic of racism got me thinking... you know who is racist? God. Yep - God. Here's my proof. Read this list (just scroll up and down). It lists the worst disasters ever. Noticing anything about all of the places?? George Carlin does a bit where he says, "The US loves to fight brown people." This is the term he uses to define, what a more politically correct person might call "people of color" (POC). Anyway - *every* one of these disasters happens where POCs live. Did george Bush make that happen??

Iceland, Greenland, Finland... all white people all distaster free since... well forever. If I was Chile I'd rename myself Chileland and import a bunch of blond-haired white people, God generally steers shit away from them.

You can save your
- "Well white people stole the good land" shit
- "These countries are less developed and can't respond as well" shit

Hey Kanye - why don't you call out God next time you have the nation's attention? "Hey, we need to fight back because God hates the black man! Fight back and stand up for us... ramble ramble"

[PS - do not stand near the author of this email - he will probably be struck by lightning]


Blogger Oh, that girl. said...

BRA - EFFING - VO!~ (again!)

10:44 AM

Blogger lilly05 said...

Are you crispy yet? If not then God is aparently not all that put out by your ascertion. of course I'm not a spokesperson for God so you might ask the opinion of the Pope or some other holy icon. Good luck in not getting fried, but now that you've brought this up I hope you don't mind if I happen to agree with you? ;p

12:44 PM

Blogger Rachel said...

The government responded to the tsunami faster than they responded to the hurricane. And what kind of evacuation was that?

All residents [that have the means and a place to go] get out immediately.

It is a poor population and they were not given assistance to leave. The process most certainly favoured people with money, and that is not ok.

5:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doesn't every process favor people with money? I don't think that is the issue, of course the people with money had the means to leave. The issue is why weren't the people (the ones with no means..ie money) "assisted" in evacuating. The only direction that finger can point to is to the mayor and governor of the state. And hmmm, isn't the mayor a POC? The poor suffered because of circumstance, and the collapse of their local and state government. Nagin was not prepared...period. Now as far as the federal government is concerned, well, I think they were not as prepared for such devastation either..but you know, who ever is? I mean I could potentially walk out my door, get in my car, pull out of my driveway, and get squashed by a semi going 75 mph. I know this could happen, but would I be prepared for it? Would I actually believe it would happen?
Everybody wants to play the blame game now, instead of accepting that each "f*** up" led to the collapse of the local and state infra-structures.
I totally agree with Scott on this not being a racial thing, although I fully understand why it would be considered one.
This was a natural disaster, folks, these things have no "color" barrier. People would have parished regardless of whether help was there 10 hrs or 10 days after. NOBODY was prepared.

11:02 PM

Blogger Jacq said...

You know damn well that Mayor of New Orleans got his family out long before that hurricane hit. It's the fault of the Mayor (who is black, y'all) and the governor THEN the George W. And I am so not a Bush supporter, but let's be fair here.

Money will always rule, no matter who has it. Money sees no color except GREEN. Black, white, asian, whatever doesn't matter.

George Carlin FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!

2:35 PM


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