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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My story of rocky times in my relationship

Okay - my August output was pathetic - I am going to make a better effort for Quantity and Quality. So to this end - I am going to get personal. Other people have talked about their relationship's with their beloved - and some times have talked about their troubles. Well I have dodged the subject. From the outside my bleoved and I seem like a happy team - be we have our troubles too. I am going to talk about our darkest hour. It is ironic because our darkest hour actually happened during a power outage (but I'll get to that).

The day I am reffering to I have almost forgotten - or tried to. I think she has totally forgotten about it. Our relationship has stood for many years - through thick and thin - but this was a true test. Sure most of the time she talks and I listen intently - when I talk she sort of ignores me and keeps going - but that is our relationship. Everyone I know thinks we have the perfect situation - and I hear it all the time, "You guys are so happy together." Well strife makes for good reading - so here goes.

I hadn't thought much about "the incident" until we were curled up with the TV last night. It seems like such a silly thing now - but on that day it was a huge "crisis". We have been together for years but this was the biggest test we had faced. I think back to when we first got together - the excitment and the awkwardness. Trying to learn about each other's intricacies. It seemed like things were moving right along and then the day of the power outage happened. The power didn't come back on until during the night and in the morning she wouldn't talk to me. She wouldn't even talk to the kids! What happened? (let's Tarantino it). I went to work, leaving my kids to deal with her - deal with the weird void in our lives. Something had changed... changed inside her.

I think it was her hard drive. Yes, that turned out to be the issue. Her hard drive was seized up. A ReplayTV with no hard drive is totally useless. She had stopped talking to me - it had only been a day - but God I missed her. I knew that I had the power to replace the hard drive. (Just a note - until the blackout I was convinced that ReplayTV was the greatest single invention ever) A ReplyTV is like a TiVo (except not shitty). It will automatically skip comercials. You can send movies to your PC and then watch them from the PC on your TV!! You can send and receive movies from other people - there is even a file sharing network (TiVo can eat a cock). Anyway, my faith was rocked to the core. She had failed us.

My kid has never known life before ReplayTV. He kept telling her - "I want to watch Rolie Polie Olie!" But she just sat there lifeless. Dammit - this was a disaster. I knew I could yank the harddrive and copy the data to a new one - *if* the data was still there. I told my wife I was going to go buy a new drive and she said great - "we need our shows back." I got a sudden uneasy feeling. I knew the possibility existed that our shows were *gone*.

I bought the new drive and tried in every way I could to copy over the data. But the old drive was scragged. Dammit. Time to face the music. I told my wife that we lost everything. "24" was gone (we refer to these as the lost 5 episodes). Just fucking gone!! My girl had let me down. We patched things up - but I had been holding a small grudge since that day. Yes, she's still the most amazing appliance EVER. But she did kind of screw me over... that is until last night!!!

A&E - I will kiss you full on the mouth. A&E reran the **entire** season of "24". God's hand reached down to my channel guide and showed this to me. I recorded the lost episodes last night and my wife and I snuggled and watched 2 of them (we still have 3 left - so shut your spoiler mouth). It was the *greatest*. My wife said (and I quote), "Why is Jack Bauer so awesome? I will totally have sex with him." It was a little weird because her husband (me) was the only one in the room. But I begrudgingly said, "Yeah me too."

I love you ReplayTV!!! - TLA. xoxoxox


Blogger Sarah said...

I'm so glad you and ReplayTV worked things out. I recently started seeing a DVR device. We are taking things really slow as I have not learned how to use it yet. However, I think tonight is the night. The VCR will be upstairs in bed so DVR and I can have some alone time. I'm so nervous!

2:51 PM

Blogger Weary Hag said...

I sat here officially roped in and after finally getting the hang of this, felt a little stupid like the day I found out there really wasn't a Santa Claus. Thank you.
It's just sad that your beloved asked for a settlement during the breakup. (the cost to fix her)

9:28 AM

Blogger Rob Seifert said...

Having extolled the virtues of ReplyTV, I find myself wanting. Damn you. I was so happy too. Now I need another gismo. GREAT! Thanks again Scott! ;-)


9:39 AM

Blogger lilly05 said...

Yeah, THANKS Scott! Now RCS wants another gizmo. On the up side it was nice to hear you admit that "you would totally have sex with Jack Bauer." I feel better now.

12:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:43 AM


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