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Friday, February 18, 2005

Some shit I don't want you to know (part 1)

There are certain things that people do that are "cool". Maybe people just do them as a matter of their daily lives - or maybe they do them just to fit in. Well, I have never been much of a conformist (so help me if someone corrects my spelling I will go ape-shit).

Mood altering drugs:
I didn't drink in highschool. Pretty much everyone did - but I didn't do it. I wasn't trying to make a statement - just didn't want to do it. My first drinking experience was Freshman year of college. I had told my floormates I'd only drink if my girlfriend was around (figuring that wouldn't happen). Well, she visited one weekend and the odometer on my liver went from 000000.0 to like 000012.7. Just FYI - the odometer flipped this year while tailgating for a Browns game.

I don't drink coffee. Coffee *really* pisses me off. America - listen - you have a problem - you are fucking addicted to coffee. No beverage is worth $3.50 unless it is loaded with alcohol.

I hit a joint once. My roomates smoked pot more than I breathed air but I never got into it. At a party, once, I did one hit so that the novelty of trying to get me to do it would go away. I felt nothing - however, I did a hit of nitrous the same night and was **completely** shit-housed. Nitrous has to slaughter brain cells and be very bad for you - but it was an interesting experience.

Shows and Movies

There are certain shows and movies that everyone watches and talks about. The list is long and I always forget them until a group of people is talking about them or uses a quote that I totally miss. I will start with a doozy

Cheers - I never watched Cheers. I mean I know the characters name's and that stuff but I never got into it. Admiting this in highschool would have been like wearing a shirt that said "Puppies - all of the sex and none of the complaining"

Fraser - Same deal - never watched it. Sorry America.

Everybody Loves Raymond - "Everybody"????? oh perhaps my ballot had a hanging chad or something - cause I don't love him and have never watched his show.

Animal House - nope never seen it (I want to). I think in the 60's this would have gotten me investigated by Joseph McCarthy as an "anti-American Activity".

I know there are others (I am tired) - whenever they come up people are always like, "You've NEVER seen xxx? Come on - you've seen it! You know it has the part...." Shit like that.


Blogger Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Animal House - you're not missing anything if you've seen Old School. That's way funnier.

9:35 AM

Blogger John said...

you're weird

10:41 AM

Blogger Johnny Virgil said...

we have to get drunk, and watch the director's commentary on "Dude, Where's my Car?" I almost pissed myself. Coulda been the beer, but I don't think so.

2:25 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

Animal House is really funny, but it's one of those movies where it would be way funnier if you actually went to college during the time period when the movie is supposed to take place. Like I think it's a funny movie, but my parents think it's the best movie ever because that is exactly what my dad's fraternity is like. Apparently my dad was like the main character who used to go to sorority houses and get a bunch of girls to go out with him and his friend. Why was my dad a total player?

But seriously I'm going to punch you for not watching "Cheers".

7:27 PM

Blogger Erik with a K said...

I can set you up with Animal House on DVD if you want...to me it's a classic, but like Sarah said, I was in a fraternity where stuff was just crazy like that. Plus it was my first R Rated movie I got to see on HBO (at my sisters, ooooh can't tell mom and dad!).

Say the word and it's yours fer the watching.

7:26 AM

Blogger Brian said...

what kind of male are you to not have watched animal house. it's got to be in the top ten of every list out there.

7:18 PM

Blogger Kara0303 said...

I'm with you on every one of those!! My ballot didn't get counted on Raymond, either. I don't think I've ever seen even one episode in the 10? years it's been on. To add to this list, I've never seen Godfather or Casablanca either. I know you don't know me, but I've enjoyed stumbling across your blog and laughing my ass off!

11:05 PM


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