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Monday, February 14, 2005

Baby wrapped in plastic and thrown from car!!

Fortunately, that story is total bullshit - unfortunately our worthless, super sensationalistic media doesn't really care about fact finding. So they just ran full speed ahead with the story. Nice work assholes - way to do your job. I wish I could run my business based only on unsubstantiated "facts". Well one uncorroborated report said that all of our servers were down - so it must be true. I better start paging lots of people and telling them. God the media is really on my shitlist right now.

Okay - new less vulgar subject. Cars -
What is the deal with people making any modifications what-so-ever to :
Dodge Neons
Chevy Cavaliers
Ford Escorts

Your car is not great (I am not dissing these cars - I owned a '97 Cavalier and loved it) However, these cars, at the top end have about 150HP. So they are basically shit. Adding lights and big exhaust pipes does not make them faster or cooler (you are still driving the same car as my dad). Also, what is the deal with the wing? You know the massive spoiler - oh I get it - when your tricked out Neon goes 0 to 60 in 14 seconds you need the spoiler to get sufficient downforce to keep from taking off. Idiots.


Blogger Johnny Virgil said...

Rice boys are on my list...

10:16 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

One of my friends in high school had a Neon, and he totally tricked it out with the spoiler, racing stripe (!), painted brake pads (!!), a stereo system worth 10 times the amount of the actual car, etc. I could go on, but what's the point? It still sucked, and riding in the backseat with my long legs was awful. One time I had to back that Neon out of a long driveway, but I couldn't see over the 75 story spoiler so I ran over this lady's prize landscaping or something. Then I just drove off because I was in high school, and I was scared. Stupid Neon.

12:24 AM

Anonymous Diane said...

My boyfriend has a neon. It is hot and definitely one of the reasons I'm dating him. Not only is it missing a hubcap, but the driver side mirror is duct-taped on, the passenger window will not fully close, it is fully equipped with no power anything, and the CD player (store bought) does not play burned CDs. I could go on about how pimped out his car is, but I don't want anyone to get jealous.

12:52 PM


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