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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Blogging about blogging

So I have been blogging for about a month and I feel that I can comment intelligently on the practice of blogging now. People blog about all sorts of stuff and it is a great outlet for issues, problems concerns etc. I have a massive list of shit that people do that pisses me off - I could write all day about other drivers, for instance.

This word may or may not [side note I realize that "may" actually means "may or may not" but I liked the sound of the latter] exist "blogwhore". This is what I want to talk about. A blogwhore is someone that blogs purely to get people to read their blog. I realize that this seems obvious - why write something if no one reads it. You miss understand - blogwhores (I am one too) make overt efforts to get people to their blog and prove they were there.

Blogwhoring traits -
A counter. If you have a counter - you might be a blogwhore.
Blognabbing - if you go to other blogs and drop comments in hopes of reciprocation - you might be a blogwhore.
Overlinking - if you link to 90% of the blogs on the planet - you might be a blogwhore.
Nonoffensive - if you self censor yourself to avoid alienating you audience - you might be a blogwhore.

Like I said - I've done some of these.

Here are other observations I have made while hitting the "Next Blog button"
90% of all bloggers are asian females
60% of bloggers speak some language that I do not
50% of all blogs have 1 entry titled, "Well here I go" or "My first post" and it's from early last year
30% of blogs turn my cursor into a "+" sign and generally piss me off.


Blogger Sarah said...

I think I might be a blogwhore. But I'm totally okay with that. Also I agree completely with your analysis of all the blogs out there. I really can't deal with the + sign cursor.

2:05 PM

Blogger Erik with a K said...

I'm pretty sure I'm one. Well let me clarify that, I'm pretty much just a whore, and blogging is my new realm.

You know what I can't stand? The asian blogs where every half sentence is broken up with hahahahaha

3:13 PM

Blogger Carly said...

Is this like a Cosmo quiz? If I have one, maybe two of the traits am I a little bit of a Blog Hussy, or well on my way to being a Blogwhore?

4:06 PM

Blogger danielle said...

i don't even know what most of this just said, but i love that you used the word whore because it's my favorite.

10:29 PM


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