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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I lost my job....

So I was fired this morning. See since the all of the finger pointing etc. after Katrina - The mayor's office decided that they needed someone to cut through the shit and perhaps use some edgy language. So I was hired as Ray Nagin's speech writer. Things were going really well - we totally kicked ass at a WalMart reopening. Anyway - I wrote a new speech that I thought was going to rock it "I have a dream"-style. Well anyway, it wasn't that well received and I took all of the blame.

In case you are too lazy to follow the link Ray Nagin, the mayor of a major US city, went totally fucking insane. He said that God was throwing hurricanes at the US because we went to war under false pretenses in Iraq. Okay (1) God is fake. (2) If God is real -please step away from the lightning strike coming my way. (3) Okay - if we went under false pretenses I *think* a power of God would be to know this before he was told 2 years later by the US media. So why wouldn't he destroy New Orleans 2 years ago? And what were all of the hurricanes before this year for? Testing the arsenal?

Oh and Ray said that New Orleans would come back and be a "chocolate New Orleans" or some other retarded shit. Someone please fire him. I realize the "what if a white guy said stuff like this?" is too obvious - so I'll skip it.

Way to honor the memory of a great man who fought for inclusion and harmony.



Blogger Sylvana said...

That man has been drinking heavily, right? What is his deal?

5:36 PM

Blogger mrsg said...

OMG. You are great! came over from another blog....going to blog roll you if its okay.

9:38 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

I love you.

9:36 AM

Blogger slcup said...

I want to know where the hell is PR person was? Why didn't they tackle him mid-speech?

12:16 PM

Blogger LizzieDaisy said...

It'd be so awesome to be able to just say all the dumb shit on your mind and get away with it. Must be nice. Course I think most people think he's an idiot... but still, ahhh, to just spout off.

3:52 PM

Blogger tfg said...

Yeah, I just got sacked too. I was Bode Miller's bartender. Maybe we can hang out at the unemployment office.

6:57 PM

Blogger Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

He had me at the "Chocolate Milk" part. I love chocolate milk.

8:49 PM

Blogger Johnny Virgil said...

I don't like chocolate milk. Am I a racist?

11:58 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

No, JV-you're just soulless.

9:04 AM

Blogger Jacq said...

Chocolate milk? Gimme some.

3:45 PM

Blogger THIRDWAVEDAVE said...

I enjoy your writing style and often want to say the things you say, but the folks around me would shit themselves, so I hold it in. Not healthy. Maybe I'll just go and do it anyway and blame it on you.

12:47 AM


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