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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I'm back

Urban Princess Sarah woke me from my long slumber and I am awake and ready to be pissed about stuff. For the past few weeks the only thing pissing me off has been the amount of work I have had to do. Complaining about work is easy and not worthy of my talents - so I went silent.

I finally watched CSI (you know the #1 show in America since Friend's went off the air) and God dammit - it was terrible. I had seen CSI Miami (also terrible) once - but assumed that the Las Vegas one was better. Holy shit it was bad. I won't go into details of the case - but some dude offs his mail-order-bride and buries her. He gets another one (I would too) and gives her the same necklace from his deceased M-O-B. It is 2 years later and the CSI team tests the necklace and finds the dead chick's blood on it. TWO F'ING YEARS!! Does this new chick not shower ever? If I had blood, someone else's blood, near me for 2 seconds - I'd lose it - this chick hands it on her skanky neck for 2 years.

"The Office" - is the best show ever - watch it.

The chick from "OverStock.com" commercials is so MILF-a-licious it is crazy. Man I want her.

Okay - I want to start slow and steady. This is a marathon - not a sprint. I think I have enough to call it a day.


Blogger Tigerlily said...

sweet Jesus, I thought you were dead you FUCKCHOP!

Don't ever do that to us again. crxhy

1:04 PM

Blogger slcup said...

The Overstock.com lady is creepy. Her crazy hypnotic monotone scares me - is she trying to brainwash me or something? Glad you're back.

2:49 PM

Blogger Jacq said...

Welcome back!

I'd rather watch the REAL Cold Case Files on A & E. Some of the CSI episodes don't thrill me.

The overstock.com lady needs to wear a new color. The white is too hypnotizing. Every six months, she should use a different color motif. I think you like her so much because she says, "It's all about the 'O.' She uses her best porn voice. Kinda the point, yea...

10:10 AM

Blogger Sylvana said...

CSI sucks infected donkey balls.

Jacq is right - watch A&E.

12:41 AM


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