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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

KBoE convinces me otherwise

Okay I am an atheiest - it works pretty well for me. I mean I get to eat while other people pray, I sleep in on Sundays... I mean I risk eternal damnation - but I never miss the opening kickoff - so it's cool.

BUT - I may be changing my tune. You see the "Kansas Board of Education" (KBoE) is pushing for Creationism to be added to curriculum (see Darwinism is a "theory" so they seek to educate kids by having alternate "theories"). Well the KBoE is a pretty awesome group - their previous hits include "Brown vs Board of Education" (yep the KBoE). See the KBoE was actively fighting in the 50's (all the way to the Supreme Court) to keep blacks out of white schools! Yes, any group that is this forward thinking and embraces the teachings of Jesus (like hate "the blacks") must clearly know of God and I am listening to what they have to say.

So using my "ignorant, racist, biggoted assholes said so" proof above - I now accept intelligent design. So - armed with my knew knowledge - I am prepared to take the next step. I will save it for my next post - (because writing or read a lot of words makes my head hurt - that's right Virgil - lets tone it down).


Blogger slcup said...

Scott, I love you.

3:27 PM

Blogger Johnny Virgil said...

Hey, I've been keeping them short lately just for you. Well, really it's because I'm lazy, but the end-result is the same.

8:00 PM


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