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Thursday, December 08, 2005


If you yell, "I have a bomb" or "Bomb!" on a plane you should be shot dead. I think the outcome was 100% perfect yesterday. Be crazy = get dead. I like that message.

Here is a call that I bet took place yesterday :

[woman] Reverend Sharpton's office?
[man] I'd like to speak to the Reverend please
[woman] May I ask who is calling?
[man] This is Jesse Jackson, sugar.
[woman] I'll put you through
[Al] Jesse old boy what's up?
[Jesse] We must have a strategy - to deal with the tragedy!
[Al] What tragedy?
[Jesse] the "man" killing anyone he can
[Al] Are you talking about the airport thing?
[Jesse] Innocent lives cannot be stolen from wives!
[Al] huh?
[Jesse] I won't stand by while we are cut down in an American town!
[Al] bu....
[Jesse] Our people are not expendible each life has worth - I won't let the "man" kill us with mirth!
[Al] Jesse...
[Jesse] You can't kill our brothers - without outrage from our mothers!!
[Al] Jesse!!!
[Jesse] Each life is precious and...
[Al] JESSE!!! The guy, that got shot, yeah he wasn't black.
[Jesse] Oh
[Al] right - "oh"
[Jesse] So our work is done here - I mean who gives a shit about other people of color. Okay I'll tell my private jet to stand down, cancel my helicopter flight, and the 12 buses I rented to bring in protestors
[Al] I already cancelled mine
[Jesse] Peace out
[Al] latest.


Blogger Sarah said...

You forgot:

[Al] I have really weird hair.
[Jesse] I am a reverend who has illegitimate children with other women and pay them to keep quiet.
[Al] You really do the Lord's work, my friend.

1:11 PM

Blogger Johnny Virgil said...

Yeah really. Suicide by cop is a time-honored way to go.

10:43 PM


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